Legal Writing e-Handbook #2 Editing, with Exercises (65 Pages)

Legal Writing e-Handbook #2 Editing, with Exercises (65 Pages)


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Based on the bestselling book by Chris Jensen, LL.M the “Legal Writing Coach” published by LexisNexis, this Handbook covers the Four-Steps of excellent legal editing and gives detailed usage tips, tricks, and techniques along with practice exercises.  Solve most of your editing problems by referring to this simple and easy-to-use guide appropriate for all lawyers and jurisdictions.

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1. Structuring 4
1.1 Structuring question 1: Is the structure logical overall? 4
1.2 Structuring question 2: Is my conclusion up front? 4
1.3 Structuring question 3: Do I have enough navigation aids? 5
2. Style 8
2.1 Style step 1: Cut words/syllables 8
2.2 Style step 2: Simplify sentences 19
Annexes 27
Annex A: Sample office memorandum 27
Annex B: Effective headings 31
Annex C: Paragraphs 32
Annex D: Helpful transition words 35
Annex E: Transitioning – good and bad 37
Annex F: Common “of” constructions 40
Annex G: Common throat-clearing phrases 42
Annex H: Answers to 20 common questions 43
Annex I: Punctuating complex and compound sentences 51
Annex J: Style help from Microsoft Word 54
Annex K: Sample edit sheet 56
Annex L: Practice exercises with answers 57
Annex M: The four-step edit checklist 62


1 review for Legal Writing e-Handbook #2 Editing, with Exercises (65 Pages)

  1. Josh Lange

    Chris Jensen’s Legal Writing Coach book is the best, and this short guide by him also hits all the marks. Thanks Chris!

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